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Last game at the Mill hosted by Testtube, on the third floor

Enemy closed a door and where shooting from a small opening in the door. Frag in windows, 6 kills... Turn out it was a choke point for the othe team.

Same door, same game, it a 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 and so forth. Me and Silver know the ennemy is on the other side, we come in quiet. Both lit our grenade and thrown at the same time. The guy on the other side was in for some dry pea shower! Made it thru, but broke his will to fight. Silver got him close and personnal lol

Same place, same door, another game this year hosted by Testtube, planning on throwing a frag in, door is open, throw the frag to have it bounce right at me because some file cabinet was put in the other room across from the door... Someone recorded that (Kill Haus Magasine I believe). Stalker was the ref watching the whole scene...

Same place, same door, same type of nade, 3 differents story lol

Learning proper grenade triggering (with lighter) & throw while under fire is no easy task... But it is so efficient in CQB. I m considering dropping AEG for G18C only with frag combo. Make the grenade take off faster.
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