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Originally Posted by The Acer View Post
Not true.
Pay with Visa/Mastercard, you can call up your credit card company, and they can pull payment, and you can get your full refund, Just say I paid for this item and didn't recieve it, usually they are pretty good on making things right.

Also I have paid by Paypal using bank account transfer, got scammed. Went through a long dispute process, and the other person didn't have any money, so I wasn't getting any money. I phoned up paypal, made a huge deal about it, asked for a manager, and he refunded my money.
well the good thing bout paypal is theres some one who promise you....on the front that you're safe. If not you can go b***h at him/ her.
I got scammed already once for DD, and file a RCMP report, but as usual the police don't care about these unless heavy crimes are involved (Murder, Rape, Kidnap, Arms trafficing etc)
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