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And just so I don't go out and hang's a story with a happy ending.

A buddy of mine asked me to take a look at his used/new 249 that wasn't shooting. He'd just bought it. The seller (another guy I know) offered to have me take a look at it and he'd cover the expense.

- there were about thirty bbs jammed in the barrel because there was a small tree stuck in it! LOL... No harm, no foul...took just a minute, no charge.

Then a bit later I get a shout that it's just making a whirling noise. I get it and tear it down, it's got a broken piston. I give it the once over and tweak a couple of things here and there (electrical switch was a bit wonky). Test fire 300+ rounds (SAWs are fun...) in good long bursts with a 11.1 LiPo. All good to go.

Dropped it off the other night....give the guy a run down on how to quick change the springs. My buddy calls me the next day to say "Thank you, she shoots great now! Couldn't be happier". THAT made my day.
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