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Originally Posted by Capt. T/O View Post
whats with the hostility?
you have your opinion, and he has his.
trek has its place in the airsoft community in calgary
if you dont personally like it, then so be it.
no need with this continual attack on larry and his way of business
If i dont like a business, i will not support it. Therefore, if someone really wants to go there, im not stopping them obviously cuz they have already made up their mind. As for me, everytime someone takes Larry's side, it bothers me because they werent there when i came to the trek. So they really have no idea simply because they werent there to see it for themselves.

EDIT: Mind you, Larry said some very personal things too which i didnt want to include cuz they are irrelevant to the topic of his business practices. He specifically targeted me with snide remarks and kept glaring at me when i was talking to the new guy. In one such comment he implied that i was stupid and a 5 year old girl knew more so when someone says he isnt how i put him to be, i find it really hard to believe.

/End of Discussion

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