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Originally Posted by Infekted View Post
And your entitled to your opinion fact of the matter is when there's no more trek around, and no one can play indoor when its minus 40 outside. You obviously wont be the one hurt, the rest of us who know whats going down (how he is, the fact you can get guns cheaper then what he's selling them for) will be the one's left shafted. In fact the way you were talking in your original post, I'd say that's what you want to happen just cause you don't like him. Let him run his business, if that's the way he does things fine let it be. He doesn't go to Mc Donald's and smack the broom outta your hand, why would you do the same.

Like fuck all you mofo's in Calgary should know and others that have gone to trek, if this place goes down we're all fucked come winter. Who cares about whats going on there pay your 20 fuckin dollars and go about your damn business. If you don't like him don't talk to him.

You like the asshole, be my guest suck his cock. He is a greedy asshole and we have established that. I dont go there and i recommend NOONE to go there so others can save themselves the unwanted misery. And for your winter games, why dont you go into fuking hibernation. GTFO.

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