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Well, yes and no. (EDIT: This was in reply to a "anodizing is an insulator so there are no worries about shorting on a Systema Magnum" post which seems to have disappeared.)

With the Systema Magnums (at least one run of them anyway) the end terminal plates can short through to the aluminum bell housing because the ONLY insulation is the anodizing.

On testing showed that it can short through the anodizing (i.e. "jump it", like a spark from your finger to the doorknob) at only 24 volts, which is well within the voltage spike range of such a motor. Spikes are a normal and expected by-product of an electrical system like an Airsoft gun. (You do not need to be using a 24V battery to get a 24V spike.)

Anyway, by adding fiber washers as insulation between the terminal plates and the bell housing (instead of just using the anodizing as the only insulation) the insulation voltage was raised to 750 volts (from a mere 24).

Some background:
There are some videos in there too showing testing, and the motor shorting at only 24V.

P.S. But of course this isn't the first horrible design flaw found in a Systema Magnum. They might be powerful but they sure aren't worth the potential troubles and wear in my opinion (but then again, I don't upgrade my guns so I'm hardly one to talk...) Anyway, I should stop here because I can't stand the damned things.

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