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Originally Posted by BravoSam View Post
I got a couple questions

when you said "Forward assist fit is good, almost no wobble", do you mean that it is pullable but does nothing? (cause I heard it did nothing at all)
Forward assist is the push button on the right side, towards the rear of the receiver. On some brands, the button can wobble inside its hole. Yes, it does nothing at all, it's more of a cosmetic detail.

also when you said "the heat shields in the handguards are held in by melted plastic stubs, so attaching rails to them will require some minor mods", could you explain a little more please? I thought the star M4A1 could just easily have the heat shields removed and replaced with accessories
what kind of particularities do the rails have?

and sorry if these are noob/dumb questions
The heatshields on a M4/16 are metal plates inside the handguard. The handguard is the visible portion when looking at the gun, the heatshields are underneath. What you remove to replace with accessories is the handguard.

However, if you wanted to mount one of those simplistic rail strips that just bolts to the ventilation holes on the handguard, you'll need to remove the heatshield inside the handguard first, because they block the holes.
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