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I've personally owned/used:
3x G19
1x G17
3x 226
8x TM Hicapa 5.1
2x TM Hicapa 4.3

KJW, TM, and a couple of other brands. All plastic, all metal, some stock, some upgraded.

Mags, upgrade parts, holsters, lights, etc...for each. Some were real fancy...others were just beater field guns...others were complete disasters with slim hopes of being resurrected.

If I had to do it all over from scratch I'd do the following:
- TM 5.1 Hicapa (if I just had one...I'd get the 5.1)
- TM 4.3 Hicapa
+ 4 mags
+ serpa holster

I'd stick metal slides on both, metal outer barrels on both (because they make such a nice clackety-clack sound!), 150% recoil springs, Hiflow valves in the mags, PDI tightbores, lightweight blowback units and SD POM nozzles. Sounds like a lot...but not really.

They don't need all that stuff out of the box...those parts are all gravy.

I personally wouldn't bother with a threaded barrel and silencer...although they look cool and sometimes work well, I've never been in a situation where I've wanted to silently shoot someone with a pistol (in those situations, I've often wished my AEG was silent...).

The Mk23 NBB slienced pistol is really silent. Everything else is noisy as stink.

...oh, and I'd want a KSC System 7 93R with 3 extended mags....because they're freaking cool...
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