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Wait for classified or order now?

Hi guys,

I just got verified and it'll take about a week or so until it is complete. I have been reading through topics and forums for over one year (i made the account one year ago). I have read most of the "must reads". I am someone impatient, so my question is ... Should i wait until i get the age verified status and look in the classified? Or check out or ?

I was thinking to buy used from classified so i could have better options, metal parts and cheaper priced even though used ... My budget is 300-400$. I am a newbie. Preference is Mp5 or ak47 with blowback. I'm wondering also if you guys can leak a bit of info if theres any for sale in the classified private sales..... I'm not asking for who, i just want to know, if theres people selling some right now. Thank you!!
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