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how do you tell if your battery is ni-cd or ni-mh

I just got a jing gong a47s (the ak-47 with simulated wooden stock, and folding metal stock). The website that I bought it from didn't say what type of battery it came with, just that it was 8.4v and 1050 mah. The charger that it came with is 250 mah (basic wall charger).

The battery is a thin "stick" battery, and contains 7 cells. It is green in color. All it says is the mah and the voltage, and the fact that it has 7 cells. Also, it says "A-47" on it.

Why on earth can't they tell you whether or not it is Ni-CD or Ni-MH???

If I look this same gun up on (this is not where I bought the gun) it says that it comes with a Ni-CD battery. However, I think that is wrong; I think that the battery may be a Ni-MH.

This is driving me INSANE. In order to know how long to charge the battery for, I need to know what kind of battery it is. This is because Ni-MH batteries need to be charged for slightly longer than Ni-CD batteries (Charge Time = Mah divided by the Mah output of the charger, then multiplied by either 1.4 or 1.5, depending on if it is Ni-CD or Ni-MH).

Does anyone know how to tell what kind of battery I have?

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