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Originally Posted by Richand View Post
o yeah! I hear TM is best used with computer air cleaners(forgot the real name) I want to stick to the advantages of propane, What hi-capa can handle that?
Nope. Don't need it. This was told to me by a GBB gundoc. Propane is fine as long as you don't dryfire all the time and wear it out (dryfiring apparently puts more stress on the gun than firing a BB).

I've been thinking about going Metal upper but for now my GBB has a plastic slide. Only damage so far is, a scratch on the slide (from transportation I'm guessing). Really if you treat it properly it should last you a long time.

Additionally, its kind of hard to get the "proper" Duster gas nowadays anyways. Tetraflourothane is what you want not the Diflourethane. Also I've heard that duster requires more silicone oil or something due to it drying out the seals faster not sure if this is true or a rumor but just keep it in mind. If you want/need duster I actually believe I found an old can of the stuff (Tetraflourothane) in my basement. Depending on postal regulations I may be able to sell it to you if you *want* it.
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