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Good GBB

Hi guys,
Iv been having problems with my KJW high cappa, first it was co2(gun replaced) next its mags cant use the bb's i used(wont say brand, bastards work) now its does something weird which makes me too irritated to even ask the gun doctor...(something with the slide getting stuck after some recoil).

Anyways! I think i can use it as a side arm but im now looking for a GBB that is reliable enough to use as a primary in CQB or even cqc competitions(not planning to join just want durability that is reliable).

So! just looking for suggestions on what guns and brands you guys recommend w/ price range. For started im looking at what i can do with 250-350 bucks. I want a gun whos accessories are easy/cheap to find and buy, i.e. mags, replacement parts. I was thinking maybe a HK USP/MK23 model. Metal upper(barrel and all) if not full, and can handle propane even after thousands of shots. Im flexible, just throwing out ideas.

lets start with something simple as, What you guys are using that you think you can go to war with. I could also use something like cheapest mid grade to Good high grade by brand, quality, personal history.

P.S. pls. dont sell me your guns, looking for general ideas i can research in. And yes! im considering you cbcsteve.(i hope your offer will still stand a month from now...)
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