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Battery upgrades for G&G with full stock

I am currently looking to upgrade the battery in my G&G GR16 A3. The gun is upgraded to 423fps and its consuming more juice, so its time to upgrade the battery to get a full day out of it. The gun came with a peak charger for 9.6v Nimh and I want to continue to use it for the time being. What I want to know is feedback from anyone that has upgraded their G&G's battery, but retained the stock charger.

The place I am looking to order from is I was debating going for the Elite 9.6v 4000mah or the 5000mah, and I believe it uses the small female tamiya connector to work with the G&G, but if its another connector type please let me know. I saw G&G offers a 4400mah that the stock charger supports, but it costs 87.00Can instead of 50.00 and lower for an Elite pack.

Thanks to those of you who share your advice with myself and others
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