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"Club" or "Group" you play with:WIA/Section 8
Are there other clubs in your area with different rules:CIA is the closest club at 200 km away

Outdoors --
FPS Limit on Pistols:330 fps
FPS Limit on auto-capable AEG's: 415 fps at 20 ft min engagement
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's:460 fps at 40 ft min engagement
FPS Limit on Bolt action snipers:500 fps at 60 ft min engagement
Can some one get "Certified" and be granted the ability to use a higher FPS gun:up the the players at the game that day. gun will be evaluated and the group will decide whether or not it is aloud
If so, what's the highest "Certified" FPS you'll allow:500 fps

Indoors --
Do you play with auto or semi only:N/A no indoor field
What is your FPS Limit:N/A
Is your FPS Limit different depending on the gun:N/A
FPS Limits on Pistols:N/A
FPS Limit on auto-capable (If your club uses this):N/A
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's:N/A
FPS Limit on (lol) Bolt Action Snipers (If this doesn't apply, just put "N/A"): N/A
What facial protection is REQUIREDaintball masks. mesh gogges and anything other than paintball masks will be tested with the highest fps gun at the game if not already done
Do you allow pyro grenades (If yes, please elaborate how you test them):
If so, we have not so far used them but small ones might have a chance at being used once a reliable design has been found
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