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After the raid in 2006 (EDIT: That was of Will and SpecArms), 007 stopped importing black guns for "civilians". Word is he only does it for Movie/Film/Theatre, LE, and Mil. No it does not mean if you're in LE, Theatre, or Mil you can just walk in and get one, you must only use it for training purposes/filming or something and it has to be approved by the CFO (not 100% sure on the details as I'm not in Movie/LE/Mil but that's pretty much the basic process, if you need to know then you should already know the processes to go through otherwise you don't need to know).

Black guns are plenty in the Classifieds and there are people who do custom orders in the Classifieds if you can't find what you want. You can still get NIB or almost NIB guns (test fired or gamed a few times or whatever) from the classifieds.
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