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Ok so I've got a pretty solid idea of the set up I'd like, TM FAMAS, G&G UMG.

I've been told the FAMAS, becasue of it's longer barrel shoots pretty straight. And although it's a Ver. 1, I've also been told that it's stood the test of time with many players.

The UMG seems as though it can keep up with some of the better MP5 systems, and I do really love the look. Parts, like the FAMAS, are hard to come by and I understand, that's the price you pay when dealing with a less popular, or under produced model. (I don't know which of the 2 these guns would fall under)

If anyone wants to tell me why else I might not want to combine these 2, or why this is a good idea I'm all for it. Thanks
I have a FAMAS and I must say it is an incredible gun. Its durable; I'm rough with it and not afraid to throw it around. There arn't even any major scratches on it. Its accurate; I've owned it for a year and I have never cleaned the barrel (although I probably should) and it shoots straight. Two downfalls I can think of that don't really bother me anyway. Is one, creaking. Before I bought the FAMAS everyone told me that it was really creaky and it felt like shit. Honestly though, the creak isn't that bad, and since most of the creak comes from the front grip, you can take it off and put some tape inside and it gets rid of most of the creak. The creak doesn't really bother me enough to do this though. Another downer on this gun is the magazines. Unfortunately, M4 magazines arn't compatible with this gun unless you do some modifications. Because of this, magazines can be difficult to find and can be expensive. I got 3 lowcaps from eHobby and it was about $90 after shipping.

Also, since the gearbox is a version 1, you cannot do any upgrades on it since no companies make parts for it anymore. So once the gun does break down, you are kinda screwed. Although, I have heard that people on Arnies who bought the FAMAS like 20 years ago still have the gun functioning today so it is quite durable.
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