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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
Actually one of the rumours is thats where Tru disappeared to, he's been rented out as slave labour to produce BB's for Scarecrow. We recently found our he can survice on the fungus and mold growning in the basement so production costs by not having to buy week old bread from the bakery has dropped huge hence the new $10/bag costs.

Other then that though Bastards are some of the best BB's I've used to date and I've used pretty much every brand other then those Boival ones during my time. I run primarily Black BB bastards now, with a few whites mixed in for targeting.

yeah, a tracer mix is the way to go. just remember you have blacks in or you'll think you're misfiring all the time. happened to me at BW2. kept thinking I had a jam or something. didn't help the gun was fairly new to me.
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