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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
I do understand your sentiment, I fully endorse and support you folks in this initiative. Im just a little unsure of the objectivity since Ive seen plenty of boards that wanted to instill this same idea, but took it to the point where no one could say anything other than what the OP wanted to do here, thus restricting the free discussions which is what leads most of us to boards like this.

One example from this board I will mention is a thread in the AV Discussion created by thenooblord, and when people started stating their opinions and thoughts on the subject matter (most of it noting how his goal may not be the best idea to undertake) you came in and said you would consider anyone who says anything other than EXACTLY what he wanted as "flaming". There was no insulting, name calling, chastise or anything that should be considered "flaming".
Said thread went off topic, and people who were replying were ignoring both his original question and his request to not derail the thread. Therefor my post. Any derailment of a persons thread especially the way that thread was starting to head is flaming.
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