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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
You seem to have missed what I said. "Those who feel the need to constantly Flame"

pusangani constantly flamed, even after he was warned, temp banned, warned, temp banned yet again, then Banned!
Those who are like pusangani, and go out of their ways to be asshats here will be on the list of those who are not here. They can feel free to travel elsewhere to flame all they like, heck I'm sure theres a forum out there set up for just that.

It is against the forum rules, we let the odd one here and there slide, but when you see page after pages, and thread after thread of flames it getting out of hand. When I or the other mods/admins spend more time cleaning up crap and tracing "new" accounts which some of these flamers feel protect them from bans then enough is enough. We may not catch them all the first time around, but we will.

Between report a posts, and IP traces these flamers will be gone in short order.
I do understand your sentiment, I fully endorse and support you folks in this initiative. Im just a little unsure of the objectivity since Ive seen plenty of boards that wanted to instill this same idea, but took it to the point where no one could say anything other than what the OP wanted to do here, thus restricting the free discussions which is what leads most of us to boards like this.

One example from this board I will mention is a thread in the AV Discussion created by thenooblord, and when people started stating their opinions and thoughts on the subject matter (most of it noting how his goal may not be the best idea to undertake) you came in and said you would consider anyone who says anything other than EXACTLY what he wanted as "flaming". There was no insulting, name calling, chastise or anything that should be considered "flaming".
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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