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So I'm going to add some info to this thread even though its old.
To the original question, no they should use the exact same amount of gas.

On some compensated guns, it can actually make a difference.
Here is a link to some pics of my gun..
In this gun (and any frame-mounted compensator, one that is independent of the outer barrel), the inner barrel is held very steady by the compensator. In the Freedom Art long railed frames with compensator on the front, they actually have an O-ring in the compensator that the inner barrel has to go through. This makes the inner barrel stay incredible still, and completely straight with respect to the frame (and front sight, since this is mounted onto the compensator, which is mounted to the frame.

So it doesn't change gas consumption, but if it is a frame-mounted compensator, it can (and should) hold the inner barrel nice and steady with respect to the frame, and just keep it very still in general (since with the o-ring, it actually holds the inner barrel almost completely still at all times) and thus increase accuracy.

Hope this helps some out.
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