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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Is our good buddy Pusangani permi-banned?
nah Steve no worries, 'ole Bloodsport here just has a hard-on for me is all...

I'm not bitter at receiving my last banning as Darklen did post a warning in the thread to get back on topic and I and the noob (ansarm/chronic) didn't listen and continued arguing the quality level of the oh so shitty TF16, but that's history.

thanks for your kind words RnR, you will be missed on the field. I was worried that people might really think that I was some loser chairsofter that just waits around all day on ASC waiting to flame noobs.

Since everyone is sharing their views, here's my .02

Flaming for the sake of flaming is wrong, that is a fact that we can all agree on, flaming people just because they are new is also wrong and there are no excuses for this.

Here are my justifications for flaming people when I feel that they deserve it and maybe it would be helpful if people got infractions for them too

1. Asking about where to buy guns when you are -18, no matter how creative your story is "my dad and i want a project" or "i only want to know the prices so that in 5 years when im 18 ill know how much to save" etc. etc.

and ignore the good advice to "wait until they're 18" and continue to ask about getting guns

2. Underaged people giving other underaged people advice on how to acquire/upgrade guns

3. AV'd members (yes they do it) giving advice to underaged people advice on how to acquire guns, usually because they havent read the poster's previous posts where they admitted to being underaged

4. Anyone who in any way shape or form assists an underaged person or a person who has bad intentions for acquiring airsoft guns, parts or accessories

5. People who want to buy airsoft so they can mess around in public/shoot cats or other animals/ any other type of fuckery that will jeoporadize our sport

6. People who obviously have not even attempted to do any kind of research before hitting the "new thread" button, there are tons of threads and FAQ info on First guns, Age Verification, Krakens, Aftermath Broxas and Lycaons, Ebaybanned, Importing airsoft from outside Canada, Cansoft/Kensoft, G&G's different product lines and already we really don't need anymore do we?

7. People who ask about a gun's quality AFTER buying the gun

8. Underaged people who have acquired guns and now want help with upgrading them

9. People who argue that 18+ is only a law in Ontario, yes that is true, but this community believes in the 18+ rule hence the whole AV system, so suck on that.

10. People who make multiple threads to ask about the same gun

The noob tank is a joke, you have noobs asking noob questions over and over again, and being given bad advice by other noobs and underaged people,

You have Tokyoseven copycats like Knivez with the copy/paste wall of text and the new Knivez wannabe Kuro_Neko doing the same thing, most noobs don't want to read, that's why they didn't do the research in the first place. They want a customized spoonfeeding specifically tailored to their needs which is why they made their question thread in the first place.

I must commend mods like The Saint and Darklen who know what's up, and don't hesitate to lock/trash these idiotic threads, and show what ASC stands for, We do not condone underaged airsofting, using airsoft for public/backyard battles/animal cruelty etc.

To be honest when the noob tank first started I thought The Saint was playing capt. save-a-noob but I've come to realize that he just didn't like the attitude of flaming just for the sake of flaming, and I can respect that.

Sorry that's a more like .03 but yall can keep the change.

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