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That's a strange analogy because I found that airsoft guns are like guitars. You get what you pay for when you are starting out. If you start out with crap, you won't enjoy yourself as much, you'll end up spending more money anyway to get up to par, and you won't learn as quickly.
Airsoft is like Guitars because its an addiction. You never stop at one. You see one on a film, or perhaps you've always wanted a particular rifle and gotta have it. I had 5 guitars, ranging from $100 SG clones, all the way to $3500 Gibson. I bought them because someone famous imfluenced me to 'must have' it. In the end circumstance turned them all into expensive decorations. I sold all but one. I've also grown up since then.

Point is, I just dont want to spend $1000 for example and find that airsoft just isn't for me. However, the most important lesson I've ever learned, is the more you play, the better you get. They better you get, the more you WANT to play.
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