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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
As much as I agree people whos sole existence here is to flame and be an ass should be dealt with, but asking for no flaming on the internet is like asking water not to be wet. This just seems to be a form of pussification as we have been seeing alot in the world, just not to the extent of most instances. So someone flames someone else, but they are also a productive member of the forum and an avid airsofter, is this reason to ban someone? pusangani was banned for flamming which I think is being a little over-zealous but thats neither here nor there. I just think that something as objective as the subject matter here with results as mentioned (perma-bans, etc...) might be a bit much.

This all is just my opinion, not pontificating myself here or anything, just stating my $0.02
You seem to have missed what I said. "Those who feel the need to constantly Flame"

pusangani constantly flamed, even after he was warned, temp banned, warned, temp banned yet again, then Banned!
Those who are like pusangani, and go out of their ways to be asshats here will be on the list of those who are not here. They can feel free to travel elsewhere to flame all they like, heck I'm sure theres a forum out there set up for just that.

It is against the forum rules, we let the odd one here and there slide, but when you see page after pages, and thread after thread of flames it getting out of hand. When I or the other mods/admins spend more time cleaning up crap and tracing "new" accounts which some of these flamers feel protect them from bans then enough is enough. We may not catch them all the first time around, but we will.

Between report a posts, and IP traces these flamers will be gone in short order.
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