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Ok so I read that last post and it got me thinking, why wouldn't a golfball style bb work better? So I started thinking about the golfball itself but as I did I remembered a place I used to hang out a lunch in high school, a stream we sensibly called the "dildo's". Big ol' 2, 3 foot wide concrete pillars used to slow water flow. I used to watch the water hitting them and see all the force smacking into it, and all the drag coming from the water not moving directly behind it (you might have no idea what I'm trying to explain). So then in turn, that got me thinking too, what if those pillars had a couple dents in em. Some place the water can go to create it's own independant turbulence and act as some kind of a buffer zone. Because, I mean the less force being directly applied to an object must conclude in more stable results right? It's like heat coming off your body in winter, throw a coat on and you've got an extra layer saving that energy from being stolen. 2 completly different situations but you can see the connection I'm trying to make.

Anyway after thinking that I desided to ACTUALLY find out for myself what makes a golfball fly better with dents.

This confirmed my suspicion and then some. It explained "Laminar flow" which I also found pretty interesting, which explains the round ball flight path. It really makes a lot of sense but it' a lot different when someone explains it to you in layman's terms

I really wouldn't know if all this applies on a BB size scale, but I would strongly like to believe so :P.

Hope this was able to shed some light on the subject

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