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You want something solid then you're going to want to go Classic Army, G&P or possibly a metal bodied ICS. I have a Classic Army myself and I can guarantee it's rock solid, not a twist, not a creak, not a flex at all and I've got a fair bit of stuff tacked on mine. If 300fps is your goal, then you're not going to have any problems. Only TM is lower then that out of the box at about 280-300, every other manufacturer's out of the box speeds are 300 or better. I covered the basic prices in my first post.

As I stated earlier, I'm a big fan of Classic Army. One thing to keep in mind about Classic Army is they now have two lines, a proline and a sportline. Originally they were easy to tell apart because the proline had the metal body and the sportline had a plastic body but recently CA has been releasing their sportlines with metal bodies. The price tag should still allow you to easily tell the difference, the sportline being $300-400ish and the proline never being cheaper then $500, usually more like $600 or more but it's still something to keep in mind. All the pros that I went over in my original post were regarding the proline model. The sportline model has cheaper everything internally and externally.

There's alot of people that will expound the virtues of G&P as well. And I'll admit the externals of G&P are very nice, easily on par with CA, in some cases better. The reason why I don't say G&P over CA though is much the same reason why people weren't big fans of CA up until a few years ago: their quality control for the internals is not very good. That means a fair number of lemons. CA got a handle on this a few years ago and they've been making great strides in terms of their rep ever since, but G&P isn't quite there yet. This is simply my personal opinion and there are many people that would likely disagree with me, but it's something to keep in mind. ICS is about a cheap a gun as you can go and still get full metal out of the box, I haven't read alot about this manufacturer but needless to say it's not in the same league as CA or G&P. It's what someone on a budget but determined to get full metal would aim for.

As to full stock or not, considering your size I'd say definitely full stock on everything but your CQB weapon (if/when you get one). You might even want to weigh the M4 carbine length barrel versus the m16 full length barrel. The difference in length isn't huge and in terms of airsoft not much of a consideration in effectiveness until you you get highly upgraded and even then not too much. But just for look and feel, considering your size, it might be something to think about.

Concerning battery and charger. Get a universal NPT smart charger, you can get them from for something like $36 and it's a great charger. For batteries, you can't go wrong with, just go to that site, tell it the make and model of your gun and it'll give you a choice of good batteries.

Some gun pron:
Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine (full stock M4):

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