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I did some test a while ago.

Basically it all depends on the situation.

Some cheap BBs have an off-center air bubble. That causes them to "bounce" in the air and thus result in a random/erratic flight pattern.

Some others are made of some sort of "foam-like" material (The BBBastards are that way). Instead of controling the amount of material, they control the density of the material. Denser = heavier for the same size.

I also tried some super poilished BBs and some "Super hop", barely polished BBs.

The later where not irregular, but the surface what some kind of dull finish. I was not really good at long ranges since the air grabbed on it a lot more. However, at high velocity, the flight pattern was flatter for a longer portion of the flight than with the polished BB. Basically, it flew shorter, but strait for a larger percentage of the flight. I tested with a 575 fps BA rifle. The range was reduced significantly, but the BB flew VERY flat until it did a little "bump" and dropped right to the ground. Air speed was also reduced quite a lot (horizontal speed).

The polished BBs had a better range, but the trajectory was less regular. The pattern was more predictable and less affected by wind however. It required a LOT more hop-up adjustment to get the same effect. I actually changed the rubber to a harder one to get a setting that was in the "mid-range" of the mechanism.

The increase in range and wind resistance where sufficient to use polished BBs over dull ones.

I don't think that the golf ball BB will work. It is basically the same as the dull finished BBs... Well, it would probably be good for UK, since fps restrictions keep the rifles at a low velocity. In our case where most games are at 400 fps, a polished BB is performing better.
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