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Don't get ahead of yourself man. Rent first and see if you like it.

Also 400 FPS is the limit at most large outdoor fields (LIMIT not GOAL, LIMIT)

If you want quality be prepared to pay. You won't get too outclassed even if you go with a Kraken (after a few mods). It's like the difference between a Civic with a few racing mods (not a riced up Civic) vs something like an Audi TT. One you'll have to mod/upgrade it a bit the other out of the box you'll be fine save for a few mods to bring it up to "racing quality".

So after all that.... I spent about $450 on my gun alone (body and battery, no mags, no charger). After that I got other stuff and I can say that I'm happy with what I'm fielding. In total it was probably a good $800-900 after everything cleared (that includes things like mags, vest, mask, etc.).
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