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I was planning on heading to the LZ to rent and play before I dropped 600 on something I wasn't going to use very often, but so far I like the sound of a full-stock M4. I'm 6'2 and have some long arms, and I'm comfortable holding a long rifle (like a long .22 rifle) so I imagine a full stock wouldn't pose a problem to me, unless they're longer than I think.

But what still worries me is the barrel twist, as someone said newer TM's had been fixed, yea, Canada sucks for importing, so we're in the stone-age compared to Japan or China or wherever TM is ().

So I'd be looking for something with a durable body and need a large battery, and again, a durable mechbox that shoots like 300 fps out of the box, just so even with a "good' aeg I'm not being outclassed at my first game with my new personal toy.

Price range doesn't really matter, I don't have the cash now because I don't have a reason to save yet - throw me some prices if you feel like wasting some of your time with me and give me some ideas of what would be nice out of the box and upgradeable in the future.(Forget about the pistols for now, don't need one yet.)

Also, I'd need a recc. on a good charger and a long lasting battery. (Large or small, depends on wether or not I decide on a fullstock/shorty.)
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