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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
Kuro you should just copy and paste that post once a week with a title saying WHAT GUN SHOULD YOU BUY?
I basically do already, there's usually at least one of these threads that I reply to every week. And it's not like any of the newbies would actually read it, few of them do anything resembling research.

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Oh god... I don't want to have it memorized man... This guy actually looks like he did some research, I think whoever doesn't and asks "what gun" should just get an infraction...(argueable by OP directly through a PM to a staff member) =p
Not that much research or he would have found several copies of my copy-n-paste post and not had to ask. As to infraction, anywhere else but the newbie tank and I'd agree, but this is pretty much what the newbie tank was created for.

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
I was paranoid as hell up-on my first purchase as well, but I researched instead of thread spam. The end result? I ended up with a half broken ICS. But that's okay, I sold it for the same price I bought it. =p
Same here, at least to the paranoia and research. I didn't put fingers to keys till I had read every faq and sticky at least twice, not to mention googling the hell out of the subject and I always went back at least six months of posts making sure that what I was about to ask hadn't been asked before. My end result was better then yours, I got my baby that I'm still using a year later. The only problem with it was the battery I got with it died after about two months, luckily my paranoia had that covered, I had already bought a spare battery.

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Also, I completely agree on the full stock thing, which is why I have one; but it appears that for shorter people a retractable stock can be a god-send. I tried letting a short friend hold a full stock M16. omg it was ever so awkward. If the OP does want a functional ejection port cover, (more useful than a bolt catch, in a not-at-all-useful way), you can just buy aftermarket =D
Very true. If you're a small guy (or a girl) full stock guns tend to be awkward to maneuver. A functional bolt catch or ejection port cover are nether of them particularly useful. The bolt catch not at all except for looks and the ejection port cover very little, after all the only time you want that open is when you're adjusting your hopup.
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