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As long as you can afford it and you don't mind the lack of metal then yeah, the TM hicapa is probably the best choice. If you're wondering what it looks like, it's basically a double stack 1911 variant. It is without a doubt the most upgradable pistol there is.

Yes, metal can be cheap and ususally is. And some do turn out worse then plastic (WE's come to mind), but some people are full metal snobs. While the looks can be made resemble metal very well, the feel will never be the same. The heft is usually off as well even with the addition of weights that some abs gbb manufacturers include in their guns. I'm not the most objective of people on this subjust though since I'm one of the aforementioned fmu snobs.

Yeah, the new TM's have fixed their barrel wobble. But considering the state of airsort importing in Canada I figure most of them in country are older ones so I have left that bit in my copy-paste as a warning. I'd highly recommend TM for any other gun because, as you say, you can't beat the reliablity of a stock TM, though the fps is little weak. I'm not a fan of the collapsible stocks, they force you to either use small batteries in the hand guards or a large in a PEQ or battery bag. I've always been a full stock man for anything but a CQB weapon.

I have heard about the new CA's and their functional bolt catch. I'd love to have one, but not enough to replace my highly personalized baby.
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