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The Typical Airsoft Newbie Question

So, as everyone knows, the airsoft newbies like to ask, "well wut gun shld i gt?"

I know, the questions annoying as balls. But hey, I'd like a little help. But before everyone lets me know about Age Verification, the legality of airsoft, etc, be aware that I've read the rules when I was 16, and again when I joined on this new account.(My old account name was Pliskin.) I'm planning on heading to the LZ field soon to be AV'ed by Ex-Royal.

Now, I need some help choosing a gun. I've heard CA are the best for durable bodies(such as full metal, etc) so I was leaning to them, but I can't remember if the mechbox's were ever good or bad. The guns I like are the M4's, M16's, SIG 552's, and a GBB pistol.(No specific look of pistol really, anything is awesome.)

I know that everyone and their dog have M4's, but I like the fact that you can pretty much add any accessories because of the rail systems. Though, I'm aware of some body issues, like twisting if you use a grip(Read someone's review before about the TM and a full-metal version[maybe it was CA]doing the same.)

So my decisions are based around the body and mechbox durability, of course, and some form of M4 or M16. Also, I want some good range and a good power with decent accuracy, so of course I'll need a gun with an easy-to-upgrade mechbox.

And any recommendations of a good reliable out of the box GBB pistol would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for the help.

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