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No, no, i totally agree with you, i was just throwing my two cents out there about air bubbles in BBs.

I actually orded a bag of BBBmax about a year ago from a store in britan, came to almost 60 bucks with shipping, but i wanted to see what the fuss was about. I was very impressed with them, but for my money? i still use BB Bastard
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Or not given the rumor that their made of a glass-like substance. Theres an entire debate about them in the accessories section of the forum started by Scarecrow, has anyone heard anything in regards to that since the thread got locked?

If you want a quality BB, just do a little research to find what most of the players use and their reasons why. There are discussions about this all over this board as well as others. I personally use BB Bastard exclusively as they are one of the most trusted high quality BBs or a great price.
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