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Getting Age Verified is definatly on my 'to do' list, I need to have my health card reissued though I lost my old one, and I bike I don't drive (probably a good idea to get my licence too but I've never needed to drive anywhere I couldn't bike). The classified section was the first place I wanted to go and yes I'm going to need to dish out at least $400 (which I'm cool which as long as I'm getting what I pay for) but I'm a little sketchy cuz buy off people is of course buying different from buy form a company. Is there a waiver or something or is there a method of preventing getting ripped off? ( I read the section about trouble with retailers but I didn't see individuals, I may have not looked hard enough). Also, while I've got your attention is there a sniper rifle anyone would suggest that's not too expensive(I'll pay a little more if I know it'll last and shoot straight) but I see the WELL L96 pack for about 300. I'm gunna guess that it doesn't get much cheaper than that.

I had looked into one of those WWII groups last night funny you mentioned that and triedto sign up but had some problems with the registration. So I might be getting a little ahead of myself asking this but, how many mags on average would full CO2 pistol go through. I know they vary but like what's the best and what's the worst. I saw a review and the dude said it goes through about 4 and a half mags before gasing up again, I don't know whether he was really off or just a back gun, or maybe that's how it is who knows.

Thank you for the advice thus far it's shaping the outcome for sure. Right now I'm thinking an H&K system just cuz everyone has an M4 or M16, I've still got lots of specs to go through though, I don't want to spend 450 dollars on something I'm not gunna enjoy. Like my Xbox 360..

I'm kiddin I like it, just wish there were more exclusives. LOST PLANET 2 will be sick though

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