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My First Gun/Shopping Tips

Hey everyone. I'd like to start out by saying I'm very happy to be part of the ASC community, I can already see this is opening up new doors for me, so thank you all for that.

Now I know it's common for newbies to ask "WHAT GUN SHOULD I BUY", but I've done my best. and with the knowledge I have, to take down as much info as possible on my way through the Canadian sites. I can't get a gun that's too expensive as I haven't found anyone in my town that plays yet so I might have to buy a couple for my friend and myself(he's not nearly as interested as I am), BUT enought chit chat.

My price range is about $150-$250MAX(better make that $350 lol). I've been looking on the site's 'high grade' guns page (
and am torn between a few models, MP5, MP5-J, Sig (Ihear great things about the MP5 Tactical). I'm not huge on the look if one performs better than the other. I'm also looking at ability for upgrades, I'd hate to buy a gun and find out I can't change anything on it. If anyone has any suggestions or tips for shopping around, as I've been told the FPS isn't a direct indicator of the quality of the gun, or you know of a very cost effective gun please share. I understand I'll need money for my kit too but I'll worry about that later and build it around my weapon. As the gun is the most important component, I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thanks again

Also if you'd like, check this AK and MP7 I found on another site for a little less cash

Kraken AK-47


*After thought question*
How can I tell if the gear box is a version 1, 2, or 3 as the website overviews often don't tell me

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