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Originally Posted by Battle Sight Zero View Post

I've been looking into the Tokyo Marui and Classic army G36, and Classic Army SCAR-L.
The G36 problem i was referring to was the cracking around the hop-up, i'm now wondering how common this cracking is. Also, if anyone who has personal experience with both of these guns could they tell me which was better for durability. Both guns support the look I'm going for so durability will be the deciding factor.
I've defiantly narrowed my options to these two guns I just need to decide which.

Thank you.
That will basically never happen on a classic army. That part is metal where it is plastic on other guns. The tabs on the plastic hop-up chamber are slightly beefier too. You can also buy this part separately sometimes. I've put one of these into a JG and it solved barrel/hop-up mating issues, improved the air seal, and made everything more stable.
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