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Hello. My name's Dave, and I'm an alcoh...uh I like airsoft.. I live Southern Ontarioish and was wondering if there was a method of finding people around me that play on this forum, or whether I have to come out and ask or find out myself. I'm new to the sport but am more than ready and willing to get right into it. I'm out of high school and started working right away (I was offered a very nice job) so my friends are away at post secondary. I have no one to play with and this discourages me from buying a nice gun, let alone getting into it at all (low-mid grade guns seem about 100-150 a pop -shipping)

So uhh, shouts out to Mississauga players. I may even let you in on the 2, 3 acres I found pending I can trust you wouldn't tear down anything I've built. Anyway, cheers ASC

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