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Originally Posted by BrokenBird View Post
I am a total noob,

I would like to start playing AirSoft and I would like to know what kind of gun I should get for starter. I want to put between 300-400$ and I want to be able to upgrade it overtime (scope, metal parts, etc...)

I know the rules, I don't want you to give links on where to buy but specs on what to buy, like I guess to play I need electric, but what FPS? What brand? Etc...

Welcome to the sport. Get age verified ASAP. There are two verifiers in your area: Sebastien (R3CON1) and Jonathan (F34N0R). Send either of them a private message to get you started.

Weapon choice is a matter of preference more than anything.

I personally support the following AEG brands: TM, CA, G&G, ICS, JG. My preferred choice is the AR platform due to the high availability of spare and upgrade parts as well as the many different possible configurations.

There are about as many opinions on here as there are individual users, so you're going to have to make your own decision there.

You get what you pay for.

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