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What issues are you talking about specifically? I've seen and played with them all.

The biggest issue I can think of with some of them are that they have a plastic outer barrel assembly that will sometimes crack or break where the hop-up unit connects but if you don't modify your gun and never open it up too much, this will rarely happen. This thing is flimsy though and I've seen them contribute to air leaks resulting in 60 FPS lost. Some guns like CA have a metal assembly from factory. I had a JG G36 that had a cut-off lever that wore itself down somehow, breaking semi and full auto but I've never seen this happen elsewhere, normally G36 v3 gearboxes are among the best and more robust of all standard gearboxes. TMs are reliable at low FPS but come with nylon bushings. KWA probably has the best G36 gearbox from factory complete with 8 or 9mm bearing bushings and bearing spring guide and 400 FPS out of the box. CA has the best externals, but gearbox internals could use upgrading. Star good also for externals. I believe CA and STAR are the only ones that have nylon-fibre bodies instead of textured ABS plastic. SRC is decent as well but I've had an SRC G36 plastic orange spring guide explode on me. SRC has unique parts like an improved unique mag release system and it's the only one that comes stock with a full metal charging handle including the front handle. Gearboxes are interchangable between the ABS bodied guns, but most of the TM clones won't work properly in a CA grip because of tighter tolerances, it will misfeed. None of the above have proper trades aside from TM, and STAR coming close. TM is also the one one that comes standard with the clear low-cap with visible bullets for realism. The rest come with solid plastic high-caps, with the SRC even coming with a smoked hi-cap which looks wierd since you can see the bbs.

Every brand has it's +/-'s

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