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Yes, the forward assist knob will reset the spring, ultamitely removing any bb that is chambered as well.

1.The dust cover just doesn't clip on the top, it looks like the spring is just to strong for the clip and it just doesn't close. What can I do about that?

I had a similar problem with mine, but the cover itself seems to have a little give, it can slightly move left, or right. If when you close it, you're pushing it right (towards the hand guard) it will always reopen. Try sliding it left when closing it - slightly, don't thrust it, lol.

2. There is some feeding problem with the gun. I put the clip, crank the spring in the mag, and shoot but no bbs goes out. When i take off the mag, there's like 4-5 bbs dropping. Is it the high-cap mag that sucks, or is there a problem with the gun??

I've heard people having problems with the hopup being wound completely, and when they fire a gun nothing happens, however I've never experianced this with the pnuematic GR16.
Personally, I've never heard of that sort of feeding problem, if those remaining few are dropping out, then the mag is feeding fine. Try the forward assist without the mag in the gun, put the mag in, then wind the spring, see if that works.
Or, jiggle the mag when its in the mag well, I know the magpul mags refuse to feed properly in (apparently) the pnuematic GR16, and I've experianced that one personally.

So basically
-remove the mag
-adjust your hopup
-press forward assist knob
-put the mag back in
-now wind the mag completely
-if it still isnt feeding... contact retailer? lol

If none of that solves the feeding problem, contact the retailer, or hopefully someone has a solution.
Hope that helps though.
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