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Personally I feel that unless you're playing in a small or CQB field you should want at least 330+ FPS.

FPS isn't everything as we advise new players here but you can't take that to the extreme. Take this, a 230 FPS rifle versus a 290 FPS rifle playing on a largeish field with wide open areas perfect for longer range engagements. Which would you rather take? I would take the 290 FPS rifle because at 230 FPS it really limits your effective range and should probably be used for CQB or when you're doing a closer engagement/ambush.

You don't however need 400 FPS to game on the same field, something like 290+ is acceptable (and hey, everyone in Japan games with 290 FPS or lower guns no matter what kind of field they're playing at).

If you want to play on CQB fields and on a larger outdoor field it's probably in your best interest to find "the magic number" (330 FPS probably) so that you can play effectively on both kinds of fields with the same gun. If you're not going to play on outdoor fields then a 360-380 FPS gun is probably what you should be aiming for.

Just a note if you're at 300 FPS thats actually perfect for CQB games and you shouldn't do anything with it except maybe paint over the "active camo". It probably will break eventually but for the amount of fun that you can have in a CQB game or plinking in the basement it's probably worth it to run it to the ground then get a new one that will last.
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