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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I'm 99% sure Type B will fit.

Type A should fit as well...and unless your barrel specs are way off (which they aren't with the Madbull barrels) should be snug and secure.

A lot of time the cross pins on sights like Type B don't do much at all. Even with tight pins, there's enough play (with airsoft barrels and sights) that the front sight can be knocked left or right. But with Type B style sights that use screws instead of pins, you can still snug it up tight.

With some sights, there's also a tiny set screw that you use to fix it in position.

best of luck,

both of the KA's posted use screws. it's just a matter of one needing the notches Type B where as Type A can be positioned anywhere on the barrel.
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