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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
For 40mm grenades I've found that Madbull is the only way to go, though propane vs c02 is arguable.
when you put them side by side on the field, it's not arguable at all. with CO2 you'll get kills in the 50-75ft+ range easily. they know they are hit because they will feel and clearly hear it. with propane, you're looking inside of 50 feet and the little pop is hard to hear from 30 feet out.

I was apparently "killed" one game with a propane M922A1 nade from 50 feet. I didn't hear, feel or see anything and I was looking right at them. Since then I've sold my own M922A1's and will only use Madbulls XM204HP's, XM108HP and XMPB4's
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