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Originally Posted by Rectangular View Post
We should stop our pointless rambling, Cause obviously we both have strong opinions in opposite ways and should respect this thread and get back on topic, Why are VRS's better then L96. I have never owned a L96, But have played with one and can tell you VSR's are a hella alot lighter then a L96.

Hella lot harder to do rapid fire with an l96, I can pull 7-10 aimed (within 100 feet) shots within a second with a vsr but with a l96 I could only fire about 4-6 a second. That is all stock/grip design that brought me to this conclusion (aswell as trying this with each). I have yet to, and probably will never, really test anything else between the 2 designs.

This is only really a matter if, like me, you rather use a bolt action as a combat rifle rather then a sniper.
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