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U fail to see what im getting at, Im saying, In my sniper, Which is a TSD I pulled EVERYTHING out and replaced it. So there is nothing clone left, Ur basically paying the 200 for a stock and outer barrel, However yes you are right a TM will outgun any knock off any day even with its high Fps, and a TM would be my first choice too if I wasnt planning on pimping the Sh*t out of my sniper, However in the long run if you plan on replacing everything anways, Why pay a ridiculous price for a stock and a outer barrel(which wont affect the performance )? TM>TSD. All depends what your doing in my mind...

**Edit* If your going to get a Sniper to where it will actually perform as a sniper and hit its target 95% of the time you are going to have to invest some time and money. Replacing:
-piston head
-trigger assembly
-hop-up unit
-hop-up rubber

Only thing left would be body and outer barrel. Just my thinking and 2 cents anyways. *Edit**

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