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Originally Posted by Rectangular View Post
Im sorry to counter the above two statements, Depending on what your planning on doing. If you just gonna leave it stock, Get tm, HOWEVER most ppl dont settle for stock snipers, so if you plan on upgrading it, I would get a knock off, Like TSD for 200 bucks, Cause your going to be replacing all the internals anyways, so why would u pay the extra 300-400 and then rip out all the good stuff? I purchased a TSD for 210 to my door, and replaced all the internals with laylax and seems to be the perfect weapon. Not sure about Tm, Think its in the 350-400 range, but TSD out of the box is 498fps..........

So all depends on what you plan to do with it. Leave it stock then buy TM, Upgrade then buy TSD.

Hope this helped,
First off, FPS means nothing. a 280 FPS TM VSR-10 will out-range your 498 FPS TSD gun. High FPS is useless when you can't put a BB where you want to.

No clone will have the tolerances that a TM will have. All parts are percisian designed for the TM, PDI parts have a 1/1000 tolerance... Clones will not have anywhere close to this.

A clone rifle upgraded with the exact same parts as a TM one will preform worse than the TM one.

I've been sniping for about 2 1/2 years now, I started with a TM VSR-10 and the only thing that's stock on my gun now is the stock its self...

Go parent brand or go home, specially when it comes to sniper rifles.
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