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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Hey, Kip, is there any reason why we can't have a banned users thread open to the public? Often, the good folks here might save you guys some effort in pointing out guys who are onto the multiple accounts thing. It would also serve as a reminder to others.

Like the old crow's cages for convicted criminals, public executions, that sort of thing.
Ban 'em...and let them pass into Internet obscurity. They'll be banned for bad conduct, why give them any more attention?

There's no thread that permanently ID's "good guys"...why expend a second of effort highlighting someone not wanted here?

(obviously different from "immortalizing" guys that scam/rip-off/whatever others...we're just talking about retards that get their e-jollies off on flaming others)

Just my $0.02...feel free to delete this post.
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