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... If that's what I think it is then you should probably save that stuff for basement/garage target shooting.

It's probably better to get a black gun once you're AV'ed.

I'm not saying it's total crap just you probably don't want to field it and should save it for plinking.

If you can't wait then the clear G&G guns are an option and are pretty good. Just pick something you like and you can slap in upgrades as you see fit to bring the performance up to par with a different model of rifle (eg an M4 might not have the same range/accuracy/speed as it's M16 counterpart but you can always get a tightbore, new hopup and rubber and do a spring change).

I don't believe that many standard hop ups actually will let you go left and right but you can go up and down. I know there are some that allow you to go left and right but I haven't seen too many of those TBH.

To start a team just get a group of people and play together under a team name. This isn't a regulated sport it's just a community. You can start a team like that, even with one person you could be a "one man army" (hey what do you know that's a pretty good team name). Most teams however have a set goal for the members (eg. a WWI reenactors team would obviously require WWI kit, and WWI weapons, whereas a PMC team might be more flexible and just as long as your kit makes you look badass you're in) if you want to start a team think it through and set some goals and the kind of image you want to portray whether it's a weekend warrior thing, or if you're a once in a while group of friends who play.
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