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Originally Posted by KiloSixNiner View Post
Hello everyone!
I'm new to both this site and this game/sport/hobby(which is correct?) and have some questions I wanted to ask. Some are straight info questions, others are debate questions. I am just trying to learn so I can bring myself along to the level of a true MilSim player.

1. Metal/Partly clear guns. So from what I have assesed a full metal remake is a replica ..something something, blah, illegal, but many of the voices I hear around here say clearsoft is not 'real' airsoft. So, the question is: Can I get any respect playing with, say a G&G clear reciever AEG that cost me $300+?
Yea, noone really cares. It's more of a person preference thing. However, full black guns are not illegal. They're just prohibited from importation.

Personally, I think the halfbreeds are overpriced considering you can get a full black -and sometimes full metal gun of superior quality- for as little as $150-$200 more. Sometimes full black JG guns are actually less than the halfbreeds.

2. BB weight and FPS. Even though I slept through most of grade 12 math, I understand that a higher weight means a loss of FPS, my questions are:
a) How does the weight change range?
Higher weight generally increases effective range. Although the BB may not go physically as far, it will be stable in flight longer, resulting in less course deviation.

b) How does the weight effect impact?
You feel heavier BB's more. Furthermore, a heavier round won't be deflected (as much) by a piece of grass or a squarell fart as much as a lighter one.

3. Hop-up systems. Again, slept through grade 12 math, but I understand how backspin works. Questions:
a) Is there a standard - left=more, right=less on the adjusters?
If they turn left or right. Some guns, like the G3 and G36, have a barrel hopup that rotates around the barrel.

b) What is the best/most accurate way to test/set it?
Outdoors before you play. Hop-up isn't static. It will change with temperature, air pressure, BB weight, etc. I readjust mine before every game.

4. Teams. I am looking at starting a squad/team with some friends but am unsure how to go about it. My questions are:
a) Do I just pick a name and go with it?
b) How many people are generally in a squad/team?
There are no "official" rules or anything on teams. As long as everyone is 18+, you'll be fine. For example -some teams like the Blackbears and Wolfpack have been around a while and have established rules/kit/guidlines the team members follow. Other teams, like my own, is just a loose collection of friends with a name and a cool logo that play together.

c) Where can I get local tactical training?
TACC3 in Toronto is the only place I know of, but I'm sure there are others.
Anymore questions feel free to ask.

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