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Question Buncha questions..

Hello everyone!
I'm new to both this site and this game/sport/hobby(which is correct?) and have some questions I wanted to ask. Some are straight info questions, others are debate questions. I am just trying to learn so I can bring myself along to the level of a true MilSim player.

1. Metal/Partly clear guns. So from what I have assesed a full metal remake is a replica ..something something, blah, illegal, but many of the voices I hear around here say clearsoft is not 'real' airsoft. So, the question is: Can I get any respect playing with, say a G&G clear reciever AEG that cost me $300+?

2. BB weight and FPS. Even though I slept through most of grade 12 math, I understand that a higher weight means a loss of FPS, my questions are:
a) How does the weight change range?
b) How does the weight effect impact?

3. Hop-up systems. Again, slept through grade 12 math, but I understand how backspin works. Questions:
a) Is there a standard - left=more, right=less on the adjusters?
b) What is the best/most accurate way to test/set it?

4. Teams. I am looking at starting a squad/team with some friends but am unsure how to go about it. My questions are:
a) Do I just pick a name and go with it?
b) How many people are generally in a squad/team?
c) Where can I get local tactical training?

I think that about covers it for now. If you could, it would be awesome if you could label your answers so I know what you're talking about. Sorry for the length and if it seems like a math test, just trying to get all the questions asked in as few posts as possible.

Thx in advance.

Level 2 Certified BA Sniper
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