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Age Verification and Retails Question

So I was here when I was 16, said I'd wait, spammed some topics, my posts were made invisible by an admin, so I was miserable, and left. I remember the problem with the member Atreyu, seeing some awesome videos, and making friends with Droc, whom lived slightly near me.

So now, I'm 18, and curious. I come in peace and want to get into the game. I hate paintball and want to actually play some tactical games.

However, I can't seem to find and gun retailers. I read in a topic that becoming Age Verified allows you to see the gun retailers, but hey, I figured I'd ask for good.

So, do you need to be Age Verified to browse the actual weapon retails? If so, may I be verified, and soon? (Renfrew Area, near Ottawa/Arnprior)

Also, my last name was Pliskin. Roast me all you want, I'm a big boy now.
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